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LED outdoor lighting waterproof connector
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The scheme of waterproof plug 2020 / 03 / 03

All kinds of waterproof cable connectors is continuous development at Shenzhen China, more and more productions enterprises join in the researching camp, the waterproof connector research center of Shenzhen aohua enterprises is the earliest company work on research of waterproof cable connectors, Years of continuous exploration and innovation, made large quantities of LED waterproof plug for our mart and by the vast number of praise in the market, We have varieties of cable connector, from 2-12 pins of cable connector, wire connector, aviation connector, all kinds of sr custom development. We walked through the start-up phase from scratch, we now have various waterproof plug products up to thousands of species, which greatly enriches our products in the competitive market. Our assembly production occupied many guage. Assemble type production has been separated three parts, tail, shell and rubber core. We provide proof service and giving for free. Our service purpose is provide the best production to customers. Due to this purpose, made our company constant innovation and provide more high quality service to our customers. We can based on what customers request to product, for instance: how to deal the tail of connectors, how to label the note or client provide material, we injection processing.



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