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LED outdoor lighting waterproof connector
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/Shenzhen AOHUA factory UL M16 2 pin male female ip67/ip68 electrical wire waterproof dc power connector

Shenzhen AOHUA factory UL M16 2 pin male female ip67/ip68 electrical wire waterproof dc power connector

 2 pin ip68 power connector / ip68 electrical wire connector
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Shenzhen AOHUA factory UL M16 2 pin male female ip67/ip68 electrical wire waterproof dc power connector

1. Nylon material: wire to wire assembly 2 , 3 , 4 , 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 pin for choices.

2. Application: widely used in power, led lighting, driver, controller, etc.

3. Feature: favorable waterproof level ip67/ip68, safe and easy installation.


Contacts Numbers 2P/3P/4P/5P/6P/7P/8P/10P
Voltage Rating 300V/300V/250V/110V/110V/110V/110V/60V
Current Rating             10A/10A/4A/2A/2A/1A/1A/1A
Wire Gauge ≤1.0mm²/≤1.0mm²/≤0.5mm²/≤0.3mm²/≤0.3mm²/≤0.2mm²/≤0.2mm²/≤0.2mm²
Cable OD 2.6mm~7.5mm
Mechanical Life 3000 mating cycles
Housing Material Nylon/PA66
Contact/Terminal Material Copper
Operating Rating -40℃~+106℃
Waterproof Level IP67/IP68
Seal Ring 9*9*3.6/4.1/5.5/6.5/7.5mm

AOHUA offer ip68 waterproof wire connecting connector for outdoor lighting project and electrical equipment, backed up by a strong team of highly skilled structural engineer. We can quickly identify customer wire connection requirement and offer appropriate product to meet their demand.

What is male female waterproof connector ?

Waterproof connectors are also called waterproof plus, waterproof sockets, waterproof connecting lines, etc. As the name implies, waterproof connector is a connection, componet with waterproof performance, which can be applied to the environment with moisture or water and can maintain the internal mechanical and electrical properties of the connector under a certain water pressure. Male and female waterproof connector is also a category of connectors. The main difference between it and the general connector is the addition of male and female butting terminals. There is a difference between the male and female terminals of male-female connector. The end with a needle is generally called the male head, sometimes also called the needle head. The end with a jack is generally called the female head, also called the hole head.

Advantages of male female waterproof connector.

1. Quick detachable
Quick connections and disconnections mean that wiring efficiency will be greatly improved. Male and female connectors will significantly help you complete tasks faster. Disassembly and separation equipment does not require any tools, as long as the nut unscrew can be.

2. Easy to move the equipment
If your device needs to be moved around a lot, the more you have to remove the device, the more you want to use the easier removal and connection connectors, and the male and female connectors will allow you to get things done quickly.

3. Easy equipment maintenance
The use of male and female connectors allows you to reduce the workload and complete the task quickly and efficiently. Also, when one device in the system fails, for example, a single light in the entire lighting system fails, your repair work is much easier and more efficient if you use a male/female docking connector.

4. Suitable for complex and repetitive wiring work
Repetitive wiring is a tedious job. Male and female connectors enable you to connect wires quickly and accurately. You don't need to know which wire goes to which, and you don't need to spend time trying to understand
how it works. The use of male and female connectors makes complex work both quick and easy.

5. Suitable for high lighting wiring work
When you're working overhead wiring, you don't want to be in the air too long. For example, when you connect a wall wash lamp to a tall building, you must want to do the necessary wiring work on the ground, and then you only need to quickly connect the upper end of the wire.

Tips  before quotation.

Please tell us the cable details:

1. Current rating, eg: 10A…

2. Pins, eg: 2pin, 3 pin…

3. Wire size, eg, 2*1.0mm²…

4. Cable outer diameter(OD), eg: 6.8mm…

AOHUA Waterproof Connector Factorypicture of waterproof connector work shopwaterproof connector produce stepwelcome to AOHUA waterproof connector factoryFAQ Of Waterproof connector

More details, please send inquiry to us, we will try our best to help you!!!

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